2017 Venue and Bus Route map

First Night Headquarters will be relocated starting at 4:00 p.m. on New Year's Eve to the Covelli Centre.

1 Soap Gallery
3 Covelli Centre
4 20 Federal Place
6 Trinity United Methodist Church
7 One Hot Cookie
8 Youngstown Historical Center of Industry and Labor (Steel Museum)
9 First Presbyterian Church
10 St. Columba Parish Hall
11 YSU Planetarium
12 Horse and Carriage
13 Video Party Express
 14 Arms Family Museum

Staff Support Sponsors

yellow2 Classic Bakery                                         green2 Marco's Pizza

green2 DiRusso's Sausage                                 yellow2 Giant Eagle

yellow2 Westgate Pizza                                       green2 Springfield Grille

green2 McDonald's                                              yellow2 Catullo Meats

yellow2 Panera Bread                                           green2 Scarsella's Restaurant

green2 Coca-Cola



Bus and Carriage Route Information

—— WRTA Bus 1 - "Happy New Year" on display

—— WRTA Bus 2 - "Special" on display

***Note: Due to Wick Ave. construction, neither bus goes to the Arms Family Museum.

***Note: Due to Wick Ave. construction, Bus 2 does not go to the YSU Planetarium. Please ride Bus 1 for Planetarium drop-off and pickup.

All bus rides are free of charge tonight!

——  Horse and Carriage ($3/person)